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Save up to 30% on your medical waste program with a customized solution

OnSite has partnered with MediGroup to provide it’s members access to innovative medical waste technology and service options. Simplify your waste workflow, streamline your operations, and improve your bottom line with an OnSite partnership through MediGroup.

See how much your organization will save!

OnSite is transforming healthcare practices nationwide

Meet Joel Ramirez, Chief Medical Officer of Camarena Health. By partnering with OnSite, Camarena optimized their waste workflow and drove down costs in every location they implemented an OnSite solution. 


Average Savings


Volume Reduction

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Our Solutions

Our unique technology and industry-leading service options put you back in control of your medical waste program.

Medical Waste Pickups

A variety of different pickup plans to suit your unique needs.

Desktop Technology

Treat waste in your own facility with a revolutionary medical waste device.

Document Shredding

Compliantly destroy sensitive documents and information.

Waste Mail-Back Kits

Low-cost and flexible options designed for simplicity with free shipping included.

TE-5000 Case Study

A 7-location health center in Virginia was managing its medical waste at the local level. Each location had it’s own contract with a hauling service provider. OnSite implemented a customized solution for each location which included the TE-5000 as well as waste segregation training and volume reduction practices.

Monthly Spend

  • $41,667
  • $11,180

Boxes Per Month

  • 981
  • 221


Corporate Savings


Lifetime Savings

Treat your medical waste with the push of a button

Medical waste is often a cumbersome and expensive necessity for long-term care communities. With OnSites TE-5000, simplicity is built into the system. With a streamlined workflow, communities can get back to focusing on providing best-in-class care for patients.

Meet the device that cuts your reliance on hauling and storage

Traditional medical waste hauling is both expensive and inflexible. Storage rooms take up precious space in a practice. With the TE-5000, practices can reduce, and in some cases even eliminate, their reliance on hauling and storage.

Serving clients in every state across 40 different specialties

We focus on improving the lives and practices of healthcare providers with better medical waste solutions. Our suite of medical waste solutions are designed on the mantra of innovation, simplicity, and transparency. Everything is designed with healthcare providers in mind, regardless of location or specialty.

Switch today and experience the OnSite difference

Innovative technology you won’t find anywhere else

Customized solutions to fit your practice

Waste analytics and usage reports

Segregation and compliance training for staff

Reliable service network nationwide

Fixed, transparent, and fair pricing plans

See how much your community will save!



“There’s been a number of benefits since we’ve adopted the TE-5000. We’ve seen cost savings that range from 12% up to 70% and that’s come by way of no longer needing to have hauling services on a regular basis and taking control of how we process our own medical waste.

I would encourage any clinical practice to really consider partnering with OnSite. I think the cost savings that we’ve seen can be seen in any type of setting.”

Joel Ramirez

Chief Medical Officer


You probably have questions. We have answers.

Can we really save 30% on our medical waste program by switching to OnSite?

Short answer? Absolutely. In fact, some of our practices have saved up to 70% by switching to us. Long answer? Every practice is different and your pricing is affected by a multitude of factors. However, our unique technology and nationwide hauling network make it easier for us to provide competitive pricing so we are confident we can save your practice money. 

What if we are in a contract?

Every OnSite client was once in a contract with another vendor. In fact, we’ve found that most of our clients were frustrated with their unfair and misleading contract terms. Luckily, our team is here to support you in every way we can to help you make the right decision for your practice. 

Is the TE-5000 compliant?

The TE-5000 is fully compliant with all federal, state, and local regulations. 

How is OnSite any different than our current vendor?

Sheesh, where to start? Our primary differentiator is our technology and our nationwide service network. You won’t find our technology anywhere else. We are more than a vendor, we are a technology partner that focuses on optimizing your workflow and improving your bottom line. 

Why should I care about my medical waste vendor?

This is a great question. We realize medical waste is usually not top-of-mind for our clients. Healthcare is continuing to evolve and patient outcomes will continue to become the driving force of success for practices. This means running an efficient, patient-focused practice is more important than ever. Our solutions are designed to keep you focused on what really matters, your patients.