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Healthcare providers simply deserve better than what is currently offered in the medical waste industry. Our mission-focused approach sets out to disrupt the industry with more innovative technologies, progressive service offerings, and fair pricing models.

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OnSite offers an entire suite of services that are simple, customizable, and driven by data and technology. With healthcare providers at the center of every decision we make, our approach sets us apart from anything else on the market.

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Meet Joel Ramirez, Chief Medical Officer of Camarena Health, one of the largest health centers in California. By partnering with OnSite, Camarena optimized their waste workflow and drove down costs in every location they implemented an OnSite solution. 

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This Long-Term Care Community Saved Over 70% On Their Medical Waste Program

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about a significant surge in medical waste prompting numerous healthcare practices to reassess and reconsider their existing associations with medical waste haulers. One such healthcare provider facing these challenges was Kissito Health, a distinguished Skilled Nursing and Specialty Care Clinic that operates across seven locations throughout the state of Virginia.

Premiere Medical Waste Solutions for Long-Term Care

OnSite has partnered with Direct Supply to provide nursing and long-term care commuities customized solutions to manage regulated medical waste and compliance requirements.

Powering Healthcare Through Sustainable Innovation

In the quest to provide world-class healthcare, the question of medical waste management often falls by the wayside. However, efficient and sustainable disposal of medical waste is a critical part of the healthcare ecosystem. OnSite is leading a revolution in this field, harnessing the power of technology and a commitment to sustainability to reshape the industry and power healthcare like never before.

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