Customized medical waste solutions for healthcare providers


From our revolutionary desktop sterilization technology to transactional pickup and mail-back programs, you’ve never seen innovative solutions like this.

Treat waste in your own facility with the push of a button

Choose a medical waste pickup plan that best fits you and your practice

Compliantly send your medical waste to us with a pre-paid shipping label

Take control of your medical waste program with
desktop sterilization technology

Reduce or eliminate
medical waste storage

When you can treat medical waste overnight in
your own practice, you have the freedom to reclaim
valuable space.


Throw your medical waste
away in the regular trash

Treating medical waste in the TE-5000 renders it
non-infectious which means it can be thrown away
in the regular trash.


Save money and enjoy an
optimized workflow

The TE-5000 was designed with simplicity and
efficiency in mind while also eliminating
cradle-to-grave liability for your practice.

Simplify your medical waste workflow
with a mail-back program

Save money by eliminating
medical waste hauling

Get out of deceptive hauling contracts
and save money with a simplified mail-back
program that puts you in control.


Automatically receive new
containers in the mail

You keep sending us your waste and we’ll keep
sending you new containers. You’ll never have
to worry about inventory again.


Completely eliminate
medical waste storage

Reclaim your biowaste storage room and
imply mail your medical waste back to
us with the provided pre-paid shipping label.

Only pay for what you use with a flexible
medical waste pickup schedule

Only pay for the pickups you

actually use

With different service options, we empower practices generating medical waste to choose a plan that best fits them.


Enjoy fully transparent and ethical pricing

Wave goodbye to hidden fees and convoluted contracts. Our pricing is simple, straightforward, and puts you in control.

Switch today and experience the OnSite difference

Innovative technology you won't find anywhere else

Customized solutions to fit your practice

Waste analytics and usage reports

Segregation and compliance training for staff

Reliable service network nationwide

Fixed, transparent, and fair pricing plans

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