A partnership bringing new medical waste solutions to long-term care communities

OnSite has partnered with Direct Supply to drive down costs and simplify workflows with customized medical waste solutions.

OnSite and Direct Supply provide nursing and long-term care communities customized solutions to manage regulated medical waste and compliance requirements

OnSite values the  important role you play in providing care to your residents. Whether you are a designated care manager, a healthcare manager, or a registered nurse, we believe your work is essential to the community you serve and you deserve solutions that make your work easier and your community more efficient.

Medical waste haulers have offered the same outdated solutions for decades and cornering practices into manipulative contracts, inflexible service agreements, and unfair pricing models. 

OnSite was founded on the mantra of innovation, simplicity, and transparency. We offer an entire suite of solutions designed to custom fit any community anywhere in the country.

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Facility types we serve

If you are located in the United States and are producing medical waste, we have custom solutions to fit you.

Assisted Living Communities

Skilled Nursing


Home Health and Hospice Care

TE-5000 Case Study

A 7-location health center in Virginia was managing its medical waste at the local level. Each location had it’s own contract with a hauling service provider. OnSite implemented a customized solution for each location which included the TE-5000 as well as waste segregation training and volume reduction practices.

Monthly Spend

  • $41,667
  • $11,180

Boxes Per Month

  • 981
  • 221


Corporate Savings


Lifetime Savings

A variety of solutions designed just for you

The TE-5000

Take control of your medical waste program with desktop sterilization technology. Treat your own medial waste with the push of a button and throw it away in the regular trash.

Mail-Back Program

Simplify your medical waste workflow with a mail-back program. Once your containers are full, simply mail them back to us with pre-paid postage.

Pickup Service

Only pay for what you use with a flexible medical waste pickup schedule. Choose a plan that best fits your practice and enjoy ethical, fixed pricing.

Waste Segregation

Optimize your waste practices with a focused training curriculum. Explore waste segregation practices to drive down costs and keep your practice compliant.