Medical Waste Pickups

Choose a medical waste pickup
service that best fit your needs


OnSite Pickup Services put you in control of how your medical waste is managed. With options to fit any practice and industry-leading service, we offer fully transparent pricing models and service agreements that are custom-fit for your practice. Simplify your terms, improve your bottom line, and enjoy peace-of-mind with a reliable pickup service.


Traditional monthly subscription with the lowest per-box rate

Best for practices trying to reduce spend and volume
Maximize operational efficiencies
Project monthly spend with the most limited cost variability
Annual allotment of waste containers
INCLUDES: Compliance training and DOT training


Per-trip structure with flexible schedules

Best for practices trying to reduce spend and volume
Scheduled pickups with flexible frequencies
Enables a lower price by allotting a box count minimum per trip
INCLUDES: WasteTech IQ Analytics
INCLUDES: Quarterly volume reports


Only pay for the boxes you need with a per-box structure

Best for seasonal, volatile, and less-predictable waste volumes
Scheduled recurring or one-time pickups
Standalone OR supplemental to an existing program
Only pay for what you use
No minimum box count

NO overage charges. NO hidden fees. NO deceptive contracts. Ever.

Sharps Waste

Sharps waste includes needles, blades, scalpels, razors, pins, staples, and IV spikes. Sharps containers are reserved only for contaminated items that could puncture the skin.

Regulated Medical Waste (RMW)

Waste generated from medical facilities becomes regulated when it contains enough blood or OPIM to spread pathogens. This includes liquid or semi-liquid blood or OPIM.

​Only pay for the pickups you actually use

With OnSite’s Transactional, Flex, and Premium options, we empower practices generating regulated medical waste to choose the plan that best fits them. Whether you’re looking for flexibility in your pickup schedule or aiming to optimize spend and lower your per-box rate, OnSite has the plan for you.

Enjoy fully transparent and ethical pricing models

You read that right. Wave goodbye to hidden fees and convoluted contracts. All of our medical waste pickup services are simple, flexible, and designed to custom fit any practice.