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Learn about the technology and how to incorporate it into your workflow.

Waste Pickups

How best to prepare your practice for successful waste pickups.

Mail-Back Kits

Instructions and everything you need to know about our mail-back kits.

Account & Billing

All about the inner workings of your account from your billing to security.

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Setting Up Your TE-5000

Want to get your TE-5000 up and running but don’t know where to start? Here’s a quick guide to get you off the ground!

Safety Features of Your TE-5000

Several important safety features designed to keep users and practices safe.

Assembling Your Tin Containers

Your tin collection containers are designed for on-site sterilization with the TE-5000.

Treating Waste With Your TE-5000

Everything you need to know about treating medical waste with your TE-5000 from collection to sterilization to disposal. 

Customizing the Delayed Start Feature

The TE-5000 includes several smart features for your convenience.

Best Practices for Collection

Decrease your waste volume and optimize your workflow with the TE-5000.