Beach Cleanup Day


Onsite Waste Technologies is a small company on a big mission. Being a Southern California company, we love our outdoor lifestyle and are committed to helping the environment. We have built technology and services that allow medical practices to reduce or eliminate regulated medical waste pick-ups that have been the only way to deal with the Sharps they produce in a compliant way. Eliminating trucks, diesel fuel consumption, and the incineration of medical waste can help the average medical practice remove 300-500lbs of CO2 from the atmosphere every year.

When we look at the environment around the world, it’s easy to get a bit overwhelmed by the myriad of problems we humans seem to create for ourselves; plastic waste, greenhouse gasses, landfills, etc. As a group, we believe that we humans also have an almost limitless ability to solve problems and leap forward when confronted by challenges. But, we don’t want to wait around for those leaps. With big issues like cleaning our environment, we have to keep in mind the words of Desmond Tutu, who once wisely said that “there is only one way to eat an elephant: a bite at a time.”

Our small but mighty team is doing what we can to take a few bites of the elephant. We spent 3 hours on Saturday 9/21 as part of the International Coastal Cleanup day picking up trash at Huntington Beach. We found plastic bottles, bags, shoes, clothes, and even a used needle. Beyond the fun, we had as a team and the satisfaction of doing something proactive, it was great to see how many people were participating in our little part of this much more significant event. Hundreds of people; individuals, families, school groups and companies, showed up to take their bite of the elephant. And we were just one beach on one coast in one country. When the sun set that day, we were happy to see many of those metaphorical elephants consumed.

We are looking forward to the next beach cleanup or opportunity to make a small but immediate impact on the environment.

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