Orange County Medical Waste Disposal

by | May 20, 2019 | Medical Waste 101 | 0 comments

Medical waste generators in California have a lot of regulations to contend with. There are federal, state, and depending on how large their local county is, there may be county laws to follow as well.

Orange County (OC) is California’s 3rd most populated county. Their Environmental Health Division runs a Medical Waste Management program. Although some of the program’s laws may overlap federal and state requirements, it is important all medical waste generators in the county read up on the legislation. Medical waste generators include, but are not limited to, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, doctor and dental offices, as well as veterinarian clinics.

OC’s medical waste program requires that most medical waste generators, whether they are small or large, register with the program. And where outright registration isn’t required, for certain small-quantity medical waste generators, it is required that an information document be filled out and kept on file at the location of where the medical waste is generated, along with disposal receipts and/or treatment logs.

OC regulates medical waste generators by inspecting waste facilities, on-site treatment units, and storage areas. They also accept confidential complaints via their website or over the phone, so it is definitely advised that medical waste generators do their homework and stay compliant with local laws.

Annual fees are levied on medical waste generators as well. Those fees are frequently updated, so check their website annually to ensure the correct amount is being paid.

Additionally, OC’s medical waste program regulates temporary medical events. According to their site, this can include health fairs, vaccination clinics, and Veteran Stand Downs. OC registered medical waste generators may participate in, and generate medical waste at a temporary event without additional permits or registrations. They are required, however, to submit notice to OC’s health division via an official form found here.

Onsite Waste Technologies is registered by the state of California to provide on-site options for the safe treatment and disposal of medical waste. An on-premise option allows generators to avoid the inherent issues accompanied with the cradle-to-grave responsibility all medical waste generators have under state and local laws.